Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My Pamper/Relaxing Night Essentials

Last week was such a busy week in work that was leaving me exhausted by the time I got home I just wanted to have some dinner and curl by on the couch and watch TV marathons for the rest of the night. Hence the lack of posts last week :(.

I had to work on Sunday as one of the very prestiges cruise ships that the company I work for will be in Dublin for a turnaround (when passengers finish their cruise and disembark and passengers who are starting their cruise embark), and it will be all hands on deck, excuse the pun. So while I was feeling sorry for myself on the bus home from work last Thursday, I decided that on Saturday night I was going to have a pamper/relaxing night in, as I had to get up early to get down to Dublin Port on the Sunday. 

 I thought that I would share with you what my routine/essentials for a pamper evening are.

The first thing I do when I start the routine is to put in a deep conditioning mask into my hair, throw it up into a messy bun and let my hair soak it all in. I only recently got my hair cut and got a good few inches off so my hair is in pretty good condition as all those nasty split ends have been removed but I just love the feeling off my hair after I use a mask and it is always good to look after your hair to try prevent further damage.

I have been using the John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner mask and loving it. I did buy this mask before but only repurchased it recently as I wanted to try out other brands but this one is seriously the best one I have used to date. 

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I leave that in my hair for at least a half hour, usually longer for it to really get to work and then I have a shower. I used to have baths but then my parents had the bathroom renovated the bath didn't make the cut and they got rid of it :( oh how I miss a nice bubble bath with a Lush bath bomb...

I then do the usually shower steps, shampoo, conditioner, wash my face. On my pamper nights I always ex-foliate my skin and shave, as these aren't steps I do every day. I have a full shower routine post where I talk in a bit more detail about each of my steps linked here.

When I am out of the shower and have dried off I use a body butter to really moisturise my skin. I am currently using the Soap and Glory body butter. This is my second tub the the butter and it is amazing at leaving behind super soft skin. Once that has dried in I put on a pair of some comfy jammies, the fluffier the better. I let my hair air dry as much as possible but with it getting colder in Ireland now that we are approaching the end of August I do make sure that my hair is dry before I go to bed because I do not want to get sick with a cold/flu.

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I generally then use a face mask as my pours are open because of the steam from my shower. At the moment I am using the No 7 Pour Vacuum. I haven't been using this consistently enough to know if it has made a difference to my pours but I will be incorporating it into my skincare routine on a weekly basis from now on. I will give a full review of it once I have tried it out a little bit more.

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I generally leave face masks on for 20 - 30 minutes before I wash them off. I then use my night cream and eye cream. I recently repurchased the Nivea regenerating night cream as I really liked it when I used it before but the Simple eye roller is a new addition to my collection but I have been liking it so far.

Then comes the movie time. I love nothing more then curling up on the couch with a blanket or under the duvet in bed and putting on a movie. I watch all types of movies except horror movies because I am such a scaredy cat and will have nightmares for at least a week. On Saturday night I was in the mood for a Disney movie. I don't care if I am 23 I still love a good Disney movie, I watched Tangled.

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Throw in some chocolate, cookies or ice cream into the mix and I am thoroughly relaxed.
On Saturday I made some white and milk chocolate cookies. I used the Tanya Burr recipe but added in some Vanilla extract because who doesn't love vanilla. The link to the video is here

So they are my pamper essentials.

Have you ever tried any of the products that talked about?

What are you pamper night essentials?

Until next time my dears


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  1. I'm 32 and I love Tangled. Who cares right? Age is just a number. :)

    1. Most definitely! haha

      The day you put an age of how old is too old to watch Disney movies is the day you become a grown up and I am just not ready for that yet

      In the wise words of Peter Pan ' Dont grow up, its a trap'


  2. I love pampering myself. It gives me such a nice feeling and mostly I do that on a sunday where I can take a bath, with a mask on my face, lights off, candles on.
    Btw, I just discovered your blog and I like it :) I'm trying to find out some new people with same interests from Dublin since I moved here 4 months ago. I blog as well but I'm trying to start blogging in Englis as I'm not that confident in typing in English.

    1. Thank you so much :)

      I plan on having another pamper night tomorrow, it is the best way to start the week.