Monday, 18 January 2016

What I Got For Christmas - 2015

Happy New Year.

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.

I know that it has been nearly a month since Christmas so sorry for the delay but I have been working double shifts the past couple weeks and have been exhausted by the time I finish all I want to do is get into bed! I love reading posts about what people got during the holiday period and thought that I would share with you what I got this Christmas. As I was in Australia this Christmas my parents sent over a Christmas care package with a few bits added by family friends and other relatives.


I have been loving playsuits at the moment and received two new ones from home. The first is from River Island, which I picked out and told my mam about. It is a leaf print playsuits with keyhole cut-outs and braided straps. It is super comfy and so easy to just throw on before leaving the house. Although I won't be bending down when wearing this as it already suits pretty high up my thighs! 

The second playsuits is a present from my Aunt. It is more of a dressy playsuits by Wal G, which is black and white and I think will be perfect for going out for dinner and drinks. I haven't had a reason to wear this yet but I think once I am back in Sydney I will have an opportunity to wear it on a night out. 

My aunt also sent me a muted mauve peplum top with a beaded neckline from Oasis. I won't be wearing this top anytime soon as it isn't really a summer appropriate colour but will definitely be wearing once it comes into winter over here. 

 I also received some basic scrappy t-shirts which always come in handy :)

One thing I miss from home is Penneys! I don't think any store that is supposed to be the Penneys/Primark equivalent actually match Penneys quality or price standard. So when I found say that I had received some exercise clothes I was really excited. I got a super lightweight and breathable neon pink top and a pair of black crop leggings with pink and blue accent colours, along with a new grey sports bra. 

I was also sent a new pair of runners in neon pink also. My Nike runners that I had brought over with me unfortunately got left behind in Bundaberg when I was there and I haven't made the splurge on a new pair of runners yet so these will be perfect until I pick myself up a proper pair. 


Usually Christmas is the time of year I get to stock up on my beauty, makeup, skincare supplies, but seeing as that would have dramatically increased the weight of the packages I didn't get the usual amount of products, however I still did get a few little bits which I love. A Soap and Glory gift set is a standard present I have received in recent years and it's actually quite hard to get your hands on over here in Australia so my sister sent over some of my faves, along with a travel Santuary body butter.

I was also in the need of a new matte pink lipstick as mine has vanished. She picked me up MACs All Fired Up which is a retro matte bright pink which is perfect for summer. All of these had been placed into a new makeup bag from Penneys which is the perfect size to throw in my everyday makeup. My mam had bought me a Ted Baker nail polish set, however these are also in darker purples and neutral colours which I won't be using until the Autumn/Winter but until then I will be using the box to store some of my favourite jewellery because the packaging is beautiful!!


My other presents that I received into a new River Island purse which I love. I generally love River Island bags and purses but this is the first purse from there that I actually own. It's leopard, tan and black with gold details and I love the leopard coin purse that is in the centre of the purse!
I also got a new pair of sunglasses as my previous pair were badly scratched. My sister got me a pair of the wayferer Rayban sunnies which is my favourite style of sunglasses as I think they are the best type for my face.

My honorary Aunty picked me up a pair of pyjamas from New Look. They are leopard print bottoms with a black top. 

My parents also got me two new pieces of jewellery the first being a Alex & Ani bracelet with my birthstone as the charm. The second is a rose gold Mi Moneda necklace which I love and can't wait to have the opportunity to wear it! 
My aunt also sent me a 2016 calender from VistaPrint which is personalised so each month has a different family picture which I love and it's one of my favourite things that I received!
I also got a stocking full of the stuff I generally receive every year, bobbins, hair pins, nail care set, and new underwear. I was also sent bars of chocolate from home as the chocolate over here is not nearly as nice as what we have back at home! Because I had not had any Irish chocolate in months I may have eaten it all before Christmas ... I had absolutely no control!

So that is what I got for Christmas this year... I love every single thing that I got and am so thankful to all my family who sent me over something and all the cards also. Being away from home this Christmas was difficult as it is my favourite time of the year and I always have been with my family but I was super lucky to be able to spend it with the family I am currently staying with. 

What did you all get for Christmas this year? 

Until next time 


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