Thursday, 11 September 2014

Penneys / Primark Haul

I recently went to Penney's (Primark in the UK) and picked up a few accessories and bits and bobs.
I haven't really seen any nice clothes pieces in Penney's recently but have been loving their shoes and accessories. 

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and when I started to see a few different bloggers showing Harry Potter T-shirts that they got in Penney's I knew that I would be on the hunt for one the next time I was near a shop. I found this one and put it into my basket immediately. It was €8.00 which I think is a very good price was to buy them at any Harry Potter  store, in the theme park or the studio tour, they would easily be triple the price.There are a few other designs that I have seen on line, but haven't seen in store so I will be keeping my eyes peeled whenever I go into another Penney's soon. 

Once it starts to get cool in the evenings I love nothing more than to get into something soft and fluffy and when I saw this top I knew that I needed it in my life. It is perfect for this time of year when it is cold enough that you need to put on a jumper but not too cold were you need a full on dressing gown. It was only €12 and I think it is worth every penny, not to mention that it is sooooo soft.

These belts are a pretty basic purchase, but with nice details. I needed a few new belts as my other ones had started to look worse for wear.

The brown one with the Chevron buckle was €3.00 and the black one with the gold buckle was €2.00 

I had bought a pair of black and leopard print loafers from Penney's a couple of years ago and they were very comfy and more importantly, never cut me. I paid probably 13-15 euro for each pair but I would have paid so much more for them because they never cut me! 
Unfortunately both pair have ended up in the bin because my dog decided they looked like they would be excellent chew toys ( both times my dad was in the house when this happened so he really should have both me the new pairs haha)

I saw these pairs and decided I would get them to replace the ones that had to be thrown out. I have worn both pairs already and they haven't cut me so far which is always a good sign. I had to put in an insole because there is none in the shoes and I walk quite fast so the heels of my feet were a bit irritated but at only €5.00 each having to put in an insole is worth it.

I have been on the look out for a comfy tartan scarf for the past two winters however I could never find one that was soft or in the colour's I wanted, they always seemed very dull or something.When I was walking around the shop out of the corner of my eye I saw this scarf and I made a beeline straight to it.

It had the colours that I wanted in it, and it felt very soft. Score! I could tell it was a large scarf by the size but I didn't realise how big it was! My Mam thought that I had bought a tartan blanket. I love that it is huge I can already see myself wearing it on freezing mornings waiting for the bus and being nice and snug underneath my giant scarf.

It wasn't until i got home that I discovered that the scarf is actually two sided, with a Hounds-tooth pattern on the reverse side. This may have annoyed people, who like me saw just the tartan pattern and through it into their basket, but I LOVE that it is double sided. Its like getting two scarf's for the price of one and it was only €7!! What an absolute steal.....

I also picked up this burgundy snood. This will be a great scarf for when it starts to get a bit chiller in the mornings but still not cold enough to need to wear the giant tartan scarf above.
It was only €2.50.  

I also picked up this weekly organizer and notebook. I'm lying by including it in this haul as I didn't buy them in Penney's, I got them both in Dunnes Stores, but I bought them on the same day and they wouldn't be exciting enough to warrant their own post.

The organizer was €6.00 and the notebook was €4.00. I love the design of them they are so cute. 

So that's what I picked up recently in Penney's.

What are your favourite bits that I bought? Have you recently bought any of the same things?

Until next time 


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  1. Love the Harry Potter shirt and jumper :)

    1. Thanks :) they have other Harry Potter T-shirts in at the moment, a gryffindor and a slytherin