Tuesday, 5 August 2014

July Favourites

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you my favourite products from the month of July.


Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover:

This is my second bottle of the stuff and I am in love with it. It is amazing at removing ALL eye makeup in just a few seconds. It needs to be given a good shake for the two layers to completely mix together. Once they are, I just place some onto a cotton wool pad and place on my eyelids for a few seconds. I like to use my fingers and press the pad onto my eyelid for a few seconds to really get into my lashes and ensure that it is removing my liquid eye liner and mascara.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water:

This is my first time using a cleansing water type product and I have to say I am impressed! I have been using this to remover any last remainder of make-up that may still be around after washing my face at the end of the day or on days that I haven't worn make up just to remove any dirt that may have be on my face. 

Vichy eau thermale:

This water mineral spray is perfect on those days that your skin is in need of a bit more hydration!

Ghost whisper perfume: 

I just bought this perfume last week but it deserves to be last in this monthly favourites because I absolutely love it. I'm not the best at describing scents but it is a lovely floral fragrance that is perfect for summer.

Naked 3 palette: 

I bought this a few months ago but really seem to be gravitating towards this palette this month. I generally use the colours dust and burnout for every day use but if I have the time in the morning I will use limit in my crease.

My fitness favourite of the month are my Nike flex trainer 4. In my last post I mentioned that I have been trying to incorporate fitness back into my life and having a pair of good, comfortable and lightweight runners make such of difference!! Especially compared to trying to jog in a pair old converse!

For those random things this month I have been obsessed with Breaking Bad, I bought a Google ChromeCast at the end of May and I have devoured the entire box set in the past month and a half.

One album that I have been playing on repeat throughout the month of July has been Ed Sheeran's Multiply. I can easily listen to him sing all day and I definitely gravitate towards the slower songs on the album such as Photograph, Bloodstream, Thinking Out Loud, Even My Dad Does Sometimes. 

What have been your favourites been during July?

Do we share any of the same favourites?

Hope that you have enjoyed reading this post. Until next time my dears....



  1. So many lovely favourites - LOVE those trainers! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thanks Gemma :)

      The runners are really amazing, super lightweight and comfortable I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat!

      I really like you blog and am following you on Bloglovin.


  2. I love the Garnier Micellar cleansing water, just repurchased my second bottle!x

    1. I haven't tired any other cleansing water products but I can definitely see what the hype is about them.... they are AMAZING!!!