Monday, 3 November 2014

Reactions to Starting a Fitness Journey

Hi guys

So this is sort of a rant post but it is something that has annoyed me recently. As I already mentioned in my Fitness Journey post over the summer I started to try get back in shape and to lose some weight as well as gain muscle tone and to increase my fitness level. 

Now that I have booked my flights to travel to Australia in January I decided to kick it up a notch and to join a gym. I joined a Ben Dunne gym that is across the road from my office block so I can go either before or after work. I aim to go 3 times during the work week and to do additional exercises at home using favourite fitness apps ( also mentioned in my Fitness Journey post) as well as bringing my dog on her walks in the evenings.

What I didn't expect when I joined the gym, as well as before that when I would decline any food that was offered to me at work, at family events etc. was people to react in a very dismissive manner when I said that I was on a diet or watching what I was eating. Things like ' oh would you stop you don't need to diet' or 'ah come on its hardly like you need to lose weight'. It was not as if I was refusing everything.... just a slice of cake, or an extra helping on food! Nobody can never say that I don' t eat... I love to eat, always have always will but right now I am trying to be more health conscience and not eat just for the sake of it when I genuinely don't want more food.

I don't like that the majority of people react like this. Right now I weight just under 10 stone. I would like to lose 7-10 pounds. I am not aiming to lose a crazy or dramatic amount of weight. I am trying to improve my fitness and to tone up in preparation of travelling and to feel confident in a bikini, shorts and other summer clothes that I will be wearing when I arrive in Sydney as it is the middle of the Australian summer.

When people who are heavier then is healthy for them and they start a fitness journey or weight loss programme, people are very encouraging to them and are praising them for their decision to get healthy, yet there are people who are taking on the same journey but wouldn't be classed as overweight and they don't receive the same level of support. Well that is what I am experiencing at the moment and it is frustrating.

And while I have received encouraging support from people as well, which is great to receive, for the most part I find people very dismissive. Perhaps its because I don't 'really' need to lose weight or because compared to other people I have less weight to lose... I really don't know.  I know this is  a very ranty post but I needed to vent this somewhere and one of the reasons why I created loveonceuponadream was to be able to do this as well. 

Has anyone else have this happen to them? 

How do you deal with the negativity?

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  1. people always need an opinion dont they? I have recently started exercising as its good for my blood sugar, and I get the same comments. I remark that I want to feel healthy, and so I am eating well. None of their business!

    1. Exactly, maybe they are placing their own insecurities onto us? who knows but i really think that people feel because someone isn't 'overweight' that exercising/eating healthy isn't necessary, but as you said it can help your body so much in many different ways.