Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Summer Favourites

Now that Summer is well and truly over I though that I would share with you my favourite beauty, fashion and random favourites that I loved during the summer months. 


Maybelline the Eraser under eye concealer
I use this concealer everyday under my eyes and love it. I use the light colour which suits my skin tone perfectly but even if i was a little darker I would buy the light as I love the bright eye look that it creates. I find it really needs to be blended into the skin as sometimes it can catch to the lines under the eyes but aside from that it really is a fantastic products. Both my Mam and little sister are now using the concealer after they tried mine out. 

Mac lipstick - Chatterbox
 I got this lipstick as part of Mac's back to Mac scheme, where if you return 6 empty Mac product containers eg. foundation bottles, powder cases, you can pick out any lipstick from the permantent collection. I picked up Chatterbox, which is an Amplified Creme lipstick that Mac describes as as bright Red-Pink. I think that it is a beautiful colour that can be used during the day to add a pop of colour to a neutral look. 

Naked 3 palette
I actually bought this with money from my Birthday in March but only got into using it during the summer. Who knew that pink tones neutrals would be so versatile! I have been mostly using the lighter colours for during the day, but I am going to start using the darker tones to create night time looks also.

Nivea regenerating Night Cream
As the name suggests, I use this at night. It is a thick cream that goes on very smooth and dries in quite quickly into the skin. In the morning my skin feels hydrated and I haven't suffered from any dry patches since using this cream. This is a repeat purchase for me and I missed it and noticed a difference in my skin when I wasn't using it. It can be bought here from Boots, and they usually have great offers and savings on skincare, but for under €8 it really is a great product.  


Miss Selfridge Harem Trousers
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I know these trousers have been around a while now, but it is only this year that I jumped on the bandwagon. I picked up these print trousers from Miss Selfridge when they were on sale for around €20 ( cant remember the actual price..). They are so comfy, it is like wearing a pair of pyjamas to work!! I have worn these both during the day with a white T-Shirt and a pair of loafers and at night with a statement necklace and heels.

New Look - White Kimono/blazer

I picked this up around June and I have worn it so much over the summer, and still wear it on warmer days. I love the fact that can be used throughout the different seasons, something that can be worn from warm Spring days right up until Autumn

River Island Handbag
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This bag is the perfect bag for me. It isn't too big but can still hold all of my essentials, the two tone colour means that it can be used now during the Summer and the Winter, and it can be used day or night. and for under €50 it was a great buy. The only downside is the the back of the bag has picked up colour from rubbing against my dark jeans :( I have been using baby wipes to remove them but there is still a stain. does anyone have an tips on how to remove/prevent this from happening?


White Collar

 I started watching this show on Netflix at the start of the summer when I finished watching breaking bad. I am now half way through the fourth season of it and as Netflix only have the first four seasons of the show, don't know how I will cope without having any episodes left to watch soon. Hopefully they will bring out the other seasons soon.....

The Fault in our Stars- book
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I have heard of this book loads, even before the movie was coming out. However I am an emotional wreak when it comes to books and movies, I get so attached to the characters and their lives that when something happens I cant not get emotional. I finally took the plunge and downloaded the book onto my Ipad and as I guessed was a weeping mess by the end of it.
I have since watched the movies and LOVED that they kept it so close to the what the book is about, unlike other film adaptions that were completely different from the book. P.S I love you, I am looking at you! 

Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle Tart and burner

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I had the large Vanilla Cupcake candle jar before and I loved the smell, however as everyone knows, Yankee candles aren't the cheapest on the market, by a long shot! HomeStore and More where having an offer for half price Yankee candles so the next time as out near the shop I though I would pick up some candles. When I got there, there wasn't much on a selection left in the jars, so I decided to pick up a few of the tart burners. I never bought the tarts before so wasn't sure if they would be any good. I find that the votile candles don't produce much of a smell. 
I picked up the burner at a Euro shop from €3 and it is the perfect size for the tarts. The first time I burned the tart I was very surprised by how strong of a scent it releases. I think from now no I will by the tarts over the jars because at €1.5 a tart it is such a price difference at the tarts can be used multiple times and still give a strong scent.

Costa Coffee

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There is a Costa Coffee across the road from the office building I work at and I have been treating myself to some Skinny Lattes over the summer. There is an Nespresso machine in the office but I much prefer the Costa coffee over the tabs that we have at the moment for the machine. Never thought I would see the day that I look forward to a coffee in the morning, as I have only been drinking coffee for the last year. 

So there are my summer favourites :)

What were your favourites from this summer? 

Until next time 


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